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Same No More

Artist: Simon Kiselicki

Musicians: Simon Kiselicki (piano, synthesizer (09) )

Label: Self release

Studio: Moodio Studio

Recording, editing and mixing: Dragan Stojkovski

Country: Macedonia

Year of recording: 2009

Released: 2019

Genre: Jazz

Style: Solo piano, ethno crossover

"Nine compositions, passing through time and its three dimensions: the past, present and future, it is revealed that nothing is as it is or what it seems (whether it was or will be) and it is audible that everything is variable...


Recorded in 2009, ten years ago, I could have even called the album 'Ten Years Ago', but either way in ten years time it will still be 'Same No More'. Well now's the time to release the album into the world, so let the wind blow it further away from the drawer it collected spiderwebs from!"​

Track List:

01 - Time (02:16)

02 - Scherzo (02:54)

03 - Illusion (01:07)

04 - Once Upon A Melody (03:09)

05 - Dilemma's Circle (01:58)

06 - Jovano Jovanke (05:26)

07 - Antarctica (05:38)

08 - Mountain (04:27)

09 - Age's Thieves (07:42)

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