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On the 29th September, the Simon Kiselicki Trio performed at Public Room's (Javna Soba) new 3rd floor, renovated to accommodate a concert hall audience. The trio performed a concert promoting the 'Jamajla' album, which was hidden in the dark from the public ear until its release on the 20th September 2018 by the record label Jazz Fortnight. On the drums was Goce Stevkovski and on the double bass was Aleksandar Ikonomov. Tracks like 'Reka', 'Tibet' and 'Ne Si Go Prodavaj Koljo Chifligot', were a complete surprise to the audience as they witnessed the first performances of these compositions.


Of course the classic 'Jamajla', which was released as a solo composition for the 2009 'Jazz From Macedonia' album by SJF Records, the main theme of the album was greeted with ovation. A big thanks to Bojan Stefkovski for the organisation of the event and to Public Room for hosting the concert. Track the latest updates of the Simon Kiselicki Trio at Simon's Facebook Page and acquire the digital album of 'Jamajla' at BandCamp.

(September 2018)

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