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02 - Play On A Green Field - Simon Kiselicki
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04 - Uapa Me Reptil - Simon Kiselicki
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05 - Levitation - Simon Kiselicki
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06 - Pajdusko - Simon Kiselicki
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Group: Simon Kiselicki Group

Musicians: Simon Kiselicki (piano, keyboards, percussion), Dave Wilson (alto saxophone), Dionis Stratrov (bass guitar), Sale Stojanovski (drums)

Guest Musicians: Emin Djijan (horn), Marie Petrov (trombone), Mihail Parushev (bouzouki), Goce Stevkovski (percussion (7))

Label: Chicken Madness

Studio: Project Zlust Studio

Recording, editing and mixing: Bojan Ugrinovski

Digital Promoters: DMA Music

Country: Macedonia

Recorded: 2004

Released: 2007

Genre: Jazz

Levitation possesses the authentic odd rhythms characteristic of the Balkan area, and for Kiselicki builds a 'creative uncertainty'  which inspires, secures and encourages unlimited possibilities of expressions via the melody, alongside an unlimited space for the development of the groove. The essence of the album is polyrhythm, and hence listeners will find themselves intrigued by the unpredictability of music, and learn to expect the unexpected.

Track List:

01 - Logician

02 - Play On A Green Field

03 - Pictures Of The Index Print

04 - Uapa Me Reptil

05 - Levitation

06 - Pajdusko

07 - The Bolero Go Slow

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