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Track List:

01 - Flow Now

02 - Love On The Pier, How In-Sensitive

03 - Round Midnight

04 - In-Sim

05 - Intro Two, Dear Alice

06 - Za Divna

07 - A Night In Tunisia

08 - Besame Mucho, Pajdusko

09 - Zajdi zajdi

Flow Now : Live at Daut Pashin Amam

Artist: Simon Kiselicki

AV Recording House: Alexander ARP - AleXanDer

Digital Promoters: DMA Music

Country: Macedonia

Released: -

Genre: Jazz

Format: Audio Video Recording

Flow Now is a live solo performance having taken place in Macedonia's historical monument Daut Pashin Amam. It was the first official jazz solo performance to have taken place in Daut Pashin Amam, which usually only hosts classical performances. In the hour and a half long performance, Kiselicki presents a majorly improvised repertoire, exploring his compositions and jazz standards from the perspective of the present; raw, honest, fluid, and sensitive to the essence of the 'now'. Unaware of what the concert will reveal, Simon enters unprepared, intentionally not having 'practiced' a week beforehand- only having 'played'.

It will soon be released as an AV Production.

02 - Love On The Pier, How In-Sensitive

03 - Round Midnight

06 - Za Divna

09 - Zajdi zajdi

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