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East West And Rest

Group: La Colonie Volvox

Musicians: Simon Kiselicki (piano, keyboards, flutes), Sasho Gigov – Gish (vocal, udu, bendir), Aleksandar Nikolovski (trumpet, vocal), Predrag Ikonomovski (acoustic guitar), Dragan Stojkovski (bass, midi guitar), Gazmend Berisha (electric violin), Goce Naumov (drums), Bulent Bekir – Baba (shaker), Ola Dioss (spoken word) 

Label: E Go East Records

Studio: Moodio Studio

Recording, editing and mixing: Dragan Stojkovski

Mastering: Ognen Anastasovski

Country: Macedonia

Recorded: Nov 2009 - Mar 2010

Released: 2010

Genre: Jazz

Style: Fusion

This album was inspired by La Colonie Volvox's 5500km journey across Europe in 2009. The album is divided in two fictional sides, of which side A or “West” deals with the discrete charm of the North/West individualism and its unbearable lightness of being, while side B or “East” emphasizes the deep, meditative and collective consciousness of the Eastern worlds. However, as in reality, the two worlds are never clearly separated, so don’t expect to hear totally different soundscapes – on the contrary, the similarities are always stronger and deeper rooted then the differences...

Track List:

01 - Scandinavian Pavian (07:07)

02 - New York Noises (03:07)

03 - The Fat Hatter (00:49)

04 - In Through The North Door (The Fall Of The Lemmings) (07:10)

05 - Beat Bazaar (05:27)

06 - Fin Amor (03:26)

07 - La Mer (06:29)

08 - Westanbol (10:49)

09 - Leyla & Majnun (05:12)

10 - Quest (05:11)

11 - Rest (13:05)

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