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03 - Balada Buda - Beneventan Trio
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05 - Bel Dedo - Beneventan Trio
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06 - Sukus - Beneventan Trio
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07 - Misa - Beneventan Trio
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Group: Beneventan Trio

Musicians: Simon Kiselicki (piano), Djole Maksimovski (bass guitar), Dino Milosavljevic (drums)

Label: SJF Records

Recording and mixing: Bojan Ugronovski

Digital Promoters: DMA Music

Country: Macedonia

Recorded: 2002

Released: 2003

Genre: Jazz

Composing began in Budapest on the main theme of the album 'Beneventan', maintained through 'Balada Buda' and 'Misa' which are inspired by the 8th-13th century Beneventan script drawings of the initial letter of the pages, in which one can meet two-headed eagles, half-man half-goats and other mythological creatures. Part of the album was recorded live in Ohrid, the rest in Skopje. The primary musical whole is not focused on the framework or structure, rather it focuses on a relaxed approach and based on individual ideas- even if structure exists, it is built from the momentary inspiration from improvisation of all seven songs.

Track List:

01 - Fala mi Lidija

02 - Beneventana

03 - Balada Buda

04 - Erebica

05 - Bel Dedo

06 - Sukus

07 - Misa

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