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Simon Kiselicki - Official Website

Simon Kiselički

Macedonian Jazz Pianist, Composer and Arranger



"Perfect jazz"

- Hlas L'udu Newspaper

"Simon Kiselicki is a jazzer that does not always sit still on his piano"

- Visit Skopje

"...his sound is not

only Macedonian, but unique in the Balkans!"

- Black Note Valencia

"Most remarkable projects" - Eventim


Skopje Jazz Festival

Count Basie Genoa

Ohrid's Dom Na Kultura

Glazba i Rec Festival Cavtat

Nis Symphony Orchestra Hall

KIC Skopje

Petrovac Jazz Festival

Kumanovo Jazz Festival


Funkadelia Valencia

Hard Jazz Cafe Troubadour Dubrovnik Universal Hall Skopje

Lazareti Dubrovnik

MNT Skopje

Uljanik Pula

Peace Unlimited Festival

EtnoFest Neum

Troilus i Cressida Macedonia

Stanica 26  Skopje

The Art Foundation Sofia 

Exit Festival

MKC Skopje

Skopsko Summer Festival

KSET Club Zagreb

Sofia Live Club

European Parliament Brussels

Daut Pashin Amam Skopje

Estudio 21 Valencia

Heraclea Amphitheatre Bitola

Javna Soba Skopje


Simon Kiselicki is a Macedonian jazz pianist, composer and arranger considered "one of the most influential personalities of the Macedonian jazz scene". He has released seven albums, composed, performed and arranged for other musicians' albums and projects, created an audio/video production, performed in some of the biggest European festivals and has performed across the world as a solo artist and with his group.

Simon's style, unique in the jazz scene and representative of his culture, is recognised around the world, and his concerts are "sensitive, vigorous, emotional, empathetic and other expressions are just part of the marvellous journey Simon takes us through..."



Latest News

'Same No More'

same no more so text 3.jpg

On the 7th January 2019, the ten year old album which has been kept secret from the public, 'Same No More' was released. Buy the digital album now at BandCamp or CDBaby.


Kiselicki returns to the Hard Jazz Cafe Troudabour after ten years

Simon returned in July to the Hard Jazz Cafe Troudabour (Dubrovnik) after ten years, where he had performed every summer for ten years with recognised Dubrovnik jazzers. This year he performed as a welcome guest with the Maja Savic Quartet.


Same No More

"Nine compositions, passing through time and its three dimensions: the past, present and future, it is revealed that nothing is as it is or what it seems (whether it was or will be) and it is audible that everything is variable...

I invite you to listen to my solo piano album 'Same No More'. Recorded in 2009, ten years ago, I could have even called the album 'Ten Years Ago', but either way in ten years time it will still be 'Same No More' . Well now's the time to release the album into the world, so let the wind blow it further away from the drawer it collected spiderwebs from!

Peace and love,


"Sensitive, vigorous, emotional, empathetic and other expressions are just part of the marvellous journey Simon takes us through..."

— Garo Tavitjan

Simon setting the scene at Stanica 26

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