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             陜西福源匯金機械自動化有限公司是一家設計制造自動化設備、夾具、檢具、自動化控制系統的廠家。福源公司生產的高精度夾具服務于五菱汽車、方盛車橋、成都正恒動力、北京亞新科鑄造、二汽車橋等廠家。 福源公司還可根據用戶需要設計制造特殊結構的工裝夾具。公司自創辦以來樹立“以科技進步帶動新品開發,以產品質量贏得市場信任”為宗旨。依托一大批富有創新精神的科研人員,積極科研開發。并牢牢把握行業及產品技術開發的制高點。



             Shaanxi Fuyuan Huijin Machinery Automation Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer that designs and manufactures automation equipment, fixtures, inspection tools, and automation control systems. The high-precision spiral bevel gear milling fixtures, tooth pulling fixtures, gear grinding fixtures, matching fixtures, chamfering fixtures, gear grinding fixtures and cylindrical gear hobbing fixtures, shaving fixtures, and gear grinding fixtures produced by Fuyuan Company are widely used in Chengdu Zhengheng Power, Beijing ASIMCO Casting, Shaoguan Gear, Dongfeng Axle and other professional gear factories. Fuyuan Company can also design and manufacture special structure fixtures according to user needs. Since its inception, the company has established the tenet of "promoting the development of new products with technological progress, and winning market trust with product quality". Relying on a large number of innovative scientific researchers, actively research and development. And firmly grasp the commanding heights of the industry and product technology development.

             The company adheres to the service tenet of "thinking for users, and everything starts from users", and forge ahead in the increasingly fierce market competition. Let every user feel the unique charm of our service, and work together to create tomorrow's brilliance.

             We wholeheartedly provide high-quality technical services and high-quality tooling and fixtures for the majority of enterprises to help your enterprise produce higher quality products in the fierce market competition.

      產品中心 關于我們 成功案例 聯系我們 陜西福源匯金機械自動化有限公司
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      物流線 企業文化   傳真:0917-8742084
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